October Announcements

posted Oct 28, 2019, 10:01 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Hi Parents and Students,

Our new school year is off to a great start! I am very impressed with how much everyone is practicing and also all the fun we're having! Here are some important dates for this month:

Saturday, October 5 8:25-8:55am Twinkle Class, my house
Saturday, October 5, 9-10am Flying Fiddlsticks rehearsal, my house
Saturday, October 12, Arrive at 10am-noon Fiddle/Golden Spike play-in at Bountiful High 
                                    Please wear jeans and a flannel shirt if you have it. Bandana required! Monday, October 14, 5-6pm Group lesson. Bountiful Music
October 14-19. No private lessons
Saturday, October 26, 9-10am Flying Fiddlesticks, my house
Looking Ahead
Monday, November 18th, 6:30pm Solo Recital at Bountiful Davis Arts Center 

The calendar can always be accessed on the studio website:
Please let me know if you have any questions or there's anything I can do to help!

Ms. Kristiana

Lessons Start Next Week!

posted Aug 31, 2017, 12:04 PM by Kristiana Matthes   [ updated Aug 31, 2017, 12:05 PM ]

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope school is off to a good start and you all had a nice Labor Day! Lessons start next week. Please note your time below. The full semester calendar can be viewed at:

At your first lesson in September please bring post-dated checks for the semester: September, October, November, and December. This makes life so much easier for me and also I've had good feedback from parents already doing this. Tuition is the same: $90 for 30 minute lessons, $135 for 45minutes, $175 for 60minutes. Please add $30 (PER FAMILY) to your September check for the annual Suzuki Association of Utah dues. Also, if you are participating in Flying Fiddlesticks (which I hope you all are) the fees for that can be split up for the 4 months. Scholarships may be available.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything I can do. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year and am inspired by the growth I've seen already in my students and what will happen in the future!!
Happy Practicing!
Ms. Kristiana

Introducing Flying Fiddlesticks!!!

posted Aug 28, 2017, 9:41 AM by Kristiana Matthes   [ updated Aug 28, 2017, 9:42 AM ]

Flying Fiddlesticks


Directed by Kristiana Henderson

2017 December Performances include: Festival of the Trees (benefitting Primary Childrens Hospital), Performing in the lobby before “Here Comes Santa Claus” with the Utah Symphony, in the lobby before Ballet West’s “Nutcracker”, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and a private holiday party hosted by Mrs. Herbert in the Governor’s Mansion.

You will receive:

  • Sheet music for 6 Christmas pieces to match your book level (Suzuki 1-8)

  • Group lessons, Saturday mornings 9am at Kristiana’s home

September 16, 23, 30. October 14, 28. November 4, 11 and 18.

  • Group Rehearsal and Performances are required!           

Fee: $90

Christmas performing outfit:

  • Boys will need black slacks, black socks, black dress shoes, white, collar shirt and I will provide a red accent accessory

  • Girls will need black skirts, black tights, black dress shoes, white, collar shirt, I will provide a red accent accessory

Summer Lessons

posted May 7, 2017, 7:38 PM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents and Students,

Congratulations on the fabulous fiddle concert Saturday! Everyone’s playing was spectacular!  The summer schedule is now available. Things are similar to last year and here are some instructions. If you are unsure of how to register we can do this at the beginning of your next lesson so please bring your schedule if you’d like to utilize that option. In the summer I will be teaching Thursday afternoons in Salt Lake and Wednesday and Friday afternoons in Farmington. 

Summer Semester is May 16-26 and June 7- August 18. I am teaching May lessons during your regular school year time; no need to sign up. As you'll see on the schedule I am teaching 10 weeks and your tuition covers 9 lessons and 3 group lessons. If you'll be in town all summer feel free to sign up for a bonus lesson! If you are out of town (and don't have 9 lessons) I can offer Skype or Facetime lessons. If you don't have phone access and send me an email of your current assignments and progress/questions and would like more to practice, I have instructional videos I can send in lieu of a lesson that week.

Tuition for summer will be the same as the school year: $90/mo for 30 minute lessons, $135/mo for 45 minute lessons and $175/mo for 60 minute lessons. Please bring all 3 checks (June, July and August) to your first June lesson and I will deposit the June check and hold the July and August to deposit the 5th of their month. Please keep in mind that once you have registered you are committing to those lessons so there won’t be any rescheduling/refunds. However if a fellow studio mate needs to cancel and you have missed a lesson I can offer you their time.


Instructions to register for summer lessons on the google calendar:

1.       Log in to google calendar.  The website is . The user name is: ******* and the password is: ********* .

2.       Find the date you would like to sign up for a lesson. First day available is June 7 Please note the Salt Lake times are blue and the Farmington times are green. You may sign up for either location. Skype/facetime lessons need to occur in Farmington when I'm at home.

3.       When you find the day you would like to sign up for check if it’s available (there will be a long block of my availability but no other small lesson times inside).

4.       Click ABOVE or BELOW the big square and you will be given the option to create a new event. Write your name where it says (breakfast at tiffany’s) and then click on edit event.

5.       You will be brought to a different view. Please check that your ending and beginning times are what you want. Then click SAVE.

6.       I will periodically check the calendar. If there are gaps between lessons I may move you later or earlier so that everyone can get a lesson. For example, if one lesson ends at 1:30 but you sign up at 1:45 you will be moved to 1:30. Actually it’s probably easiest if you sign up directly before or after someone, or at the very first or LAST slot. Thanks for your cooperation with this!

7.       Check to see that your name appears on the right time by clicking on it. It will be a tiny square.


As previously stated, there will be 3 group lessons. I am currently checking out parks/fun places in Farmington and will have dates soon!   Please submit summer lessons by May 26. Any questions please let me know.

Happy Practicing!

Great Practice Ideas

posted Apr 26, 2017, 10:32 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents and Students,

Here are some great practice tips I've seen recently.  We will be discussing this more at your lesson this week! See you soon!

Ms. Kristiana

Ted-Ed How to Practice effectively for just about anything

Take action

Try thinking less about the time or number of repetitions you put into learning a tricky passage, but experiment with being more reflective with this 3-phase self-regulation model.

Before playing a passage: Plan!
What do I want it to sound like? What technical strategies will I utilize? i.e. Lift up more with left hand, release with thumb, etc.

While playing: Self-monitor!
Am I lifting up with my left hand, releasing thumb?

After playing: Reflect and strategize!
Was I successful? i.e. Was the shift in tune? If not, why not? What adjustments do I need to make technically, to get it in tune the next time?

April Announcements

posted Apr 16, 2017, 11:12 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy Easter! Spring has arrived! I love seeing everyone's revived energy! As we push through the end (and often hectic) of school year I'd love to see everyone continue to make violin and music a daily priority. Please let me know if you need ideas or help coming up with ways to facilitate this.

Upcoming Events
Group Lesson: TOMORROW, Monday, April 17, 5-6pm, SugarSpace (132 South 800 West SLC)
Please bring your fiddle book and music stand!  We will be rehearsing for our fiddle concert.

No private lessons: April 17-21, except make-ups on Tuesday

Fiddle Outreach Program:
 Saturday, May 6 1:30pm at Aspen Ridge (963 East 6600 South). Please arrive at 1:15pm for tuning and set-up. Please wear fiddle clothes (jeans and a solid shirt plus anything extra you'd like) and bring your fiddle book and music stand.

Any questions or concerns please let me know.
Happy Practicing!

Ms. Kristiana

More February Announcements

posted Feb 8, 2017, 11:22 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents,

First, I want to let you all know that group lessons have moved from Monday, February 27 to Monday, February 20 at 5pm at Sugarspace. I hope you can all make it.

Also, I'd like to encourage everyone to attend a Suzuki institute this summer. So much fun and growth takes place at these. We have a very excellent camp at Juan Diego High School called Intermountain Suzuki String Institute. This is a great way to go because they have some of the very best teachers in the world on faculty AND it is easily accessible/close to home. Twinklers get a half day of instruction plus daily recitals and concerts for only $200 for the week. Book 1-3 is all day instruction and $525 including daily recitals and concerts. There are also several other Suzuki Institute nearby (i.e. Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Idaho) that would be more of a family vacation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Also coming up in February is the Parent Teacher convention. I highly recommend attending! This is one event I look forward to every year and it is so fun to see other parents from the studio there. Here is a letter a fellow teacher wrote about the convention.


Coming up in February is the Suzuki Association of Utah's Parent and Teacher Convention. I thought you would find it to be incredibly valuable. It's on Saturday, February 25th from 8:30am-4:00pm (lunch included!).  Every year there are lots of helpful classes for parents and this year is sure to be a winner.  

I am very excited about the guest lecturer, Ed Sprunger; not only is he a fantastic Suzuki teacher trainer, he's actually a psychotherapist, and serves as the director of the Child Development Program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute. Ed is an expert on all things kids, practicing, parents, and music education.  His two books, Helping Parents Practiceand Building Violin Skills: A Set of Plans Designed to Help Parents and Children Construct Positive Practicesare wildly helpful for parents and teachers alike.

Practicing is rarely easy, and there's only so much time we can spend troubleshooting problems during lesson time together, and to be honest, I really don't have all the answers, but Mr. Sprunger does! If you are having, or have ever had, any resistance from your child about practicing, or if you're sick of fighting about when, how, and how long to practice, this SAU convention is the place to go for solutions.  

You can register for the convention at www.suzukimusicutah.organd it's only $15 for parents! (And did I mention lunch is included?)

Leave the kids with a sitter, and come spend a lovely day with other parents and teachers. I'll be there, I go every year!  

Happy Practicing!

Ms. Kristiana

February Announcements

posted Jan 30, 2017, 9:53 AM by Kristiana Matthes   [ updated Feb 8, 2017, 11:21 AM ]

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas break! I was so happy to see all the beautiful snow on Christmas morning!   I hope everyone was able to find a few family members to play Christmas songs for. They are so fun! Please use the next few days to "get back in the swing of things" especially by concentrating on REVIEW, box exercises and scales. Lessons resume Tuesday, January 3rd.

New teaching location for Salt Lake.
We will now be having lessons at the Salt Lake Zen Center, trolley square area, 755 East 600 South. On 600 South just east of 700 East you will see a condo building on the north side of the street and then 3 small houses. The Zen Center is the one in the middle and there are beautiful flags hanging on the porch. Please be mindful of the space and remove shoes upon entry. Lessons begin here next week.

The spring schedule is online. We have group lessons Monday, January 23rd 5-6pm at SugarSpace (132 South 800 West). No private lessons January 23-27.

As always, please email or text will any questions or concerns.
See you all soon!

November Announcements

posted Jan 30, 2017, 9:51 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Hi Parents and Students,

It is already here! I am constantly amazed at how beautiful this fall has been. This week we are preparing for Christmas and learning Christmas music. I am focusing on gratitude and all the things I have to be grateful for this month: especially having such wonderful students and parents to interact with! Thank you so much for being so wonderful, committed to learning, and doing your best to make the studio a warm, nurturing environment.

Most of you know now the Salt Lake studio has moved. Our new address is: 1981 East Murray Holladay Road (about 4700 South). Enter on the parking lot side and come upstairs. A big thank you to Rebecca and Sage Okura for providing this location for us!

Group lesson will be Monday, November 21st, 5pm at SugarSpace. Please bring your Christmas book and music stands. We will be preparing for our annual December outreach concert. As this is the only rehearsal it will be very helpful for as many students as possible to attend. No private lessons this week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  The December outreach concert will be Saturday, December 10th in the morning. Please save the date. Location TBA.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all your hard work, energy and enthusiasm for learning! It is so inspiring for me to see the relationships forming between students and the growth everyone is making!

Ms. Kristiana

P.S. Included you will find a few fun Halloween videos. I know it's belated but this is such a fun video for the kids (and me). Enjoy!

April Announcements

posted Apr 3, 2016, 4:16 PM by Kristiana Matthes

Happy April Everyone!


I hope you all had a wonderful spring break! I was able to go down to Kanab to volunteer with my niece at Best Friends, visit Bryce, and then did a Suzuki Principles in Action training over the weekend. A wonderful balance of work and play.


A few upcoming events to be aware of.

Tuition is now due. Please include your pianist fee.  It will be $15 for Book 1, $20 for Book 2-3, and $25 for book 4+. Whitney would like to rehearse THIS Saturday morning, April 9, 8:30am-11:30am. Please reply promptly with your availability so we can get things settled.


New student group lessons will be Saturday, April 9th at 9-9:40ish am. If you have lessons with me at my home we will rehearse with piano during your regular lesson. If you do NOT have lessons at my home we will rehearse directly before the group April 9th (Lila, Sage, Angie).


The Solo Spring Recital is Wednesday, April 13th, 6:30pm at Holladay City Hall (4580 South 2300 East). Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and invite friends and family! Dress is Sunday nice clothes. As part of our preparation for the recital I will ask each student to play their recital piece 50 times. Please start keeping track now and I will have a colorful chart for you at your next lesson.


Group lessons will be Monday, April 25th at Sugarspace 5-6pm. We will rehearse tone, technique and fiddling. Please bring your fiddle book and stand. This will be our last group lesson to prepare for our May fiddle performance and attendance will be a requirement to perform.


The May group fiddle performance is Saturday, May 7th, 1:30pm at Highland Care Center (4285 Highland Drive).  Please bring your instrument, music stand, and fiddle book. Please wear fiddling clothes (i.e. jeans and solid t-shirt with bandanas, cowboy boots and any other fun accessories you want). Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can tune and set up and start on time! If you are interested in playing a solo please let me know as there are opportunities on this program.

No private lessons April 26-29. In addition to being group lesson week I will be on tour with the Utah Symphony to celebrate the 75th Anniversary! We will perform in Illinois and Carnegie Hall in New York City!

Hold the Date, spring semester ends May 13th. To avoid an extended break summer lessons will begin May 17th and students Book 1-3 will be expected to sign up for those two lessons. All other summer weeks will be recommended but not required. As always, I will have a sign-up form going out the first week of May. To help you plan there will not be lessons June 1-17 as well as the very end of August. There aren’t group lessons in the summer but I hope to have a few fun activities to celebrate the nice weather and have more violin time!

Happy Practicing!

Ms. Kristiana

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