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April Newsletter

posted Mar 28, 2012, 5:46 PM by Kristiana Matthes   [ updated Mar 28, 2012, 5:46 PM ]

Thank you for all you do, parents and students, to make this a wonderful studio!  I really appreciate and look forward to seeing your smiling faces, how much growth has happened during your daily practicing sessions, and your overall enthusiasm for violin/viola! Here are a few friendly reminders.

  • ·         The deadline to register for the Parents’ Convention and ISSI is April 1. I will send out a separate email about ISSI. If you have any questions about the Parent/Teacher Convention, or have been meaning to register and just haven’t yet, now is the time.  It is a day for Parents (no students allowed, babies are always adored) to learn more about music and how to help their child be the best musician and person. Everyone involved in the Suzuki movement wants this to be a positive experience for you.
  • ·         Group lessons: New location and time! The SugarSpace, 616 East Wilmington Avenue. Saturday, April 14thbeginning group (Book One) 10:45-11:45am and advanced (Book 2+) & Violas 11:45-12:45.
  • ·         Several of you have already signed up for summer lessons. If you have not signed up please keep in mind the deadline is May 1. If you have any questions about the online registration or summer lessons please let me know. I expect all students to take lessons in the summer.  Summer is not a time to take a break from a string instrument.  In fact, if you take more than a few weeks off from playing you will be starting all over again. I’m sure you’ve noticed your child’s muscle memory and note recognition suffers when they have a few days without practice. Imagine what a whole summer will do.
  • ·         Scheduling. Thank you for checking the online schedule and being aware what weeks we do and don’t have private lessons. With scheduling this year it was much easier in the fall, where all schools have the same major holidays, than the spring. I do my best to consider all my student’s schedules (balancing more than 4 different school districts, 3 counties, and several private schools). I added two additional lessons to the schedule to cover any illness and absences that were not in the studio schedule and because I want my students to have every opportunity to succeed. I recognize the importance of regular lessons and know some parents have expressed interest in more lessons. I have decided to offer extra lessons Tuesday, April 3rd at the reduced rate of $15 per 30-minutes. If you are interested please contact me. I may also be able to offer extra lessons the week of April  22-28 so please let me know if you are interested.