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August Newsletter

posted Jul 28, 2011, 10:17 AM by Kristiana Matthes

Well, it has come quicker than any of us thought it would.  I hope you are all enjoying the last precious days of summer.  The August newsletter has a few reminders.

First, the fall/school schedule.  Most of the lessons will remain at the same time, however I know some of you are taking earlier lessons (that are during school).  I will be taking requests for times in the next week and will have a schedule once I see what everyone’s availability looks like.  The new school schedule will begin the week of August 22.

Group lessons are this Saturday, July 30th.  The Book 1 group is 10-11am and the Book 2+ group is 10:30-11:30am.  Attendance is vital to having a meaningful experience and the students who attend always comment on how much fun they have.

Third, I love that some of you are asking about how to be more successful practicing, how to pass off pieces, and what you can do to improve.  Please keep in mind that what piece or book your student is on has little to do with their playing ability.  It is not a good way to gauge their tone, technical ability or accomplishments.  I am a skills-based teacher and use each piece your child learns to teach a new idea/concept.  As long as you are practicing 5-7 times a week and listening daily you will be in good shape.

Lesson Observation. One way I introduce new students to my studio is to have people observe my teaching.  I will try to notify you if I know someone is coming but oftentimes I offer several lessons and give them the flexibility to just show up.  Please know that this is a reflection of my teaching and not your playing.  Also, this is another opportunity to get experience playing for people.

Please remember about the online calendar.  If you are ever unsure as to whether you have a lesson you can check easily at or if that doesn’t work