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March Newsletter

posted Mar 9, 2014, 3:41 PM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you all for adjusting your schedules to accommodate my unexpected move. It has worked well to be at Metcom in the interim and I am happy to announce I have found a new place to live one block from SugarSpace (I80 and 700 East). We will begin lessons there in April.

  • Federation is Saturday, March 22nd. I am enjoying helping you prepare for this. If you have not arranged for a rehearsal time with your pianist please do so. I sent a separate email with more information about federation. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • In March we are continuing our 100 days in a row practice. I am excited by how well you are all doing with this! You are on the final days of this challenge so keep up the good work! 
  • Each month I will focus on one topic that I think will enhance your musical experience in the studio. Last month was lesson etiquette and this month is group lesson attendance.  Group lessons are Monday, March 24th at Summerhays. Book One will be 5-6pm and Book Two+ will be 5:45-6:45pm. Group lessons are a very important part of my lesson program. We have a lot of material to get through, too much for individual lessons, so I purposely leave certain things for group lessons. If you are not able to attend the group lesson you will not get all the information and skills possible from the program.  In short, I would love to see everyone there next month. Group lessons are not mandatory but highly recommended.

…from the studio policy

“Group Lessons: group lessons are irreplaceable as they provide many things private lessons cannot. For starters, they allow musicians to build great friendships with other musicians. They allow us to work on group ensemble, musical games, playing expressively, ear training, techniques taught during private lessons, preparing for upcoming recitals, and learning other skills often neglected in private lessons (reading music, basic history/theory, etc). Most importantly, they are so fun they encourage students to keep practicing!”

  • SAU Parent Convention- Saturday, April 26. It is $5 for parents who have paid their SAU dues and $35 for those who haven’t. This is a very special day with many wonderful workshops for parents. I encourage everyone to go to this convention. There are several classes on countless subjects and a wonderful breakfast and lunch. This year they are having a Dalcroze workshop and are accepting child participants. Cost is $5 and it would be a wonderful experience. 1pm age 4-6, 2pm 7-9, 3pm 13+. It is recommended to sign up early as there are limited slots. To learn more about this please see:

Summer Camp Recommendations

  • Blue Sky- A really fun fiddle camp for students of all ages. It will be held at Snow College this summer so recommended age is 12+ (younger with a parent or older sibling attending will probably be okay). All my students who attend have a wonderful time. Great way to add more fun to your playing! Find more information here:
  • Intermountain Suzuki String Institute – This is one of the biggest and best Suzuki camps in the US. The faculty includes some of the best known names in the Suzuki world. There are lots of fun classes to choose from and it is a great local camp. Find more information here:
Happy Practicing!