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October Events

posted Sep 12, 2011, 1:42 PM by Kristiana Matthes

October Events

October has two fun events to participate in. First, our twinkle group will be at Summerhays 10/15, 10am. Second, the SAU Fall Play-In is also on the 15th. There will be an optional rehearsal (please let me know if you are coming) the day before. Also, please make sure you have paid your annual SAU dues ($25/family) in order to participate!

SAU Fall Play-In Rehearsal

Friday, October 14, 2:30-3:10pm

Sandberg Residence

Important: Limited room for parents, sorry!  Group will end promptly at 3:10pm as I need to drive to Park City after to teach. Please let me know if you are coming to the group so I know who to expect. Thank you!

Suzuki Repertoire: Twinkles Variation A, Twinkles Theme, Witches Dance,

Fairfield Fiddle Farm: Bile Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Old Joe Clark*

Polly Wolly Doodle, Devil's Dream, Down Yonder, Orange Blossom Special



Saturday, October 15, 1pm

Wheeler Farm

Participants (Rehearsal and Play-In): James, Caroline, Grace*, Ralf, Katiana, Jordan*, Jamie*, Melanie, Bethany*, Emma Anderson, Alyssa*, Savita*, Reagan*, Lillian, Marianne


Twinkle Group

Saturday, October 15, 10am-10:50am

Summerhays Music

Participants: Colton, Izze, Sachi, Manas, Mattea, Annie, Lydia,

Invited to Both Twinkle group & Play-In (not rehearsal): Lena, Tay, Sarah*, Emma, Samantha*, Emma Beesley*, Trevor*, Mariel, Julian,

* means you haven’t joined SAU yet