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Summer Lessons

posted May 7, 2017, 7:38 PM by Kristiana Matthes

Dear Parents and Students,

Congratulations on the fabulous fiddle concert Saturday! Everyone’s playing was spectacular!  The summer schedule is now available. Things are similar to last year and here are some instructions. If you are unsure of how to register we can do this at the beginning of your next lesson so please bring your schedule if you’d like to utilize that option. In the summer I will be teaching Thursday afternoons in Salt Lake and Wednesday and Friday afternoons in Farmington. 

Summer Semester is May 16-26 and June 7- August 18. I am teaching May lessons during your regular school year time; no need to sign up. As you'll see on the schedule I am teaching 10 weeks and your tuition covers 9 lessons and 3 group lessons. If you'll be in town all summer feel free to sign up for a bonus lesson! If you are out of town (and don't have 9 lessons) I can offer Skype or Facetime lessons. If you don't have phone access and send me an email of your current assignments and progress/questions and would like more to practice, I have instructional videos I can send in lieu of a lesson that week.

Tuition for summer will be the same as the school year: $90/mo for 30 minute lessons, $135/mo for 45 minute lessons and $175/mo for 60 minute lessons. Please bring all 3 checks (June, July and August) to your first June lesson and I will deposit the June check and hold the July and August to deposit the 5th of their month. Please keep in mind that once you have registered you are committing to those lessons so there won’t be any rescheduling/refunds. However if a fellow studio mate needs to cancel and you have missed a lesson I can offer you their time.


Instructions to register for summer lessons on the google calendar:

1.       Log in to google calendar.  The website is . The user name is: ******* and the password is: ********* .

2.       Find the date you would like to sign up for a lesson. First day available is June 7 Please note the Salt Lake times are blue and the Farmington times are green. You may sign up for either location. Skype/facetime lessons need to occur in Farmington when I'm at home.

3.       When you find the day you would like to sign up for check if it’s available (there will be a long block of my availability but no other small lesson times inside).

4.       Click ABOVE or BELOW the big square and you will be given the option to create a new event. Write your name where it says (breakfast at tiffany’s) and then click on edit event.

5.       You will be brought to a different view. Please check that your ending and beginning times are what you want. Then click SAVE.

6.       I will periodically check the calendar. If there are gaps between lessons I may move you later or earlier so that everyone can get a lesson. For example, if one lesson ends at 1:30 but you sign up at 1:45 you will be moved to 1:30. Actually it’s probably easiest if you sign up directly before or after someone, or at the very first or LAST slot. Thanks for your cooperation with this!

7.       Check to see that your name appears on the right time by clicking on it. It will be a tiny square.


As previously stated, there will be 3 group lessons. I am currently checking out parks/fun places in Farmington and will have dates soon!   Please submit summer lessons by May 26. Any questions please let me know.

Happy Practicing!