Fun, Free Apps

Even though I'm not that old I remember when my family got our first computer.  It was a desktop (a computer with a monitor/screen that goes on the desk and a tower, taller than some of my young students, that goes under the desk).  We were so excited to have it.  We put a few things on it and even had some games that we played by inserting a flexible, square box about 5 inches into the computer.  Isn't is amazing how quickly technology changes?  I can't even imagine what life will be like if I'm lucky enough to live as long as my grandfather, who turned 98 last Saturday :)

Today's students probably don't remember ever being without a computer at home.  They never had to take "typing" class in 9th grade.  My brother, who is only 10 years younger than me and a freshman at the U, laughed when I said that when I was going there they didn't have campus-wide wireless internet and most students, including myself, brought a 3-ring binder to take class notes.

Maybe you have already found these Apps, and if you have any other favorites please let me know. 

DooDah - useful for learning to read notes
iBeat - free metronome
MusicNotes - flashcards, go to settings to set it to only treble clef
NoteGameLite - musical notes for those who need an extra note reading challenge
FaceMaster- a funny quiz about what composer you would be.  Ask me at your lesson who I am.
iAmSymphony - I haven't figured this one out yet ;)
MusicHouse - a good way for students to identify instruments by sound
Ear Trainer - excellent ear training tool