Goals for My Studio

"I can hear who you are when you play for me." ~ Dr. Suzuki

What do I want my students to be?

I want my students…

 to be excited about playing violin.  This means they are interested enough in their assignments to practice daily and listen to music.

to be curious, inquisitive, self-driven, exploring.

to be able to approach me and tell me when things aren’t working or are confusing.

to be developing their ears.  They should know repertoire before they play it, and be listening to good tone, intonation, etc.

to be willing to try something or do assignments even when they don’t understand why they are given.

Respectful of my time and need to keep a schedule.

What can I provide for my students?

A vast understanding of how to play the violin technically and musically.

Great interpersonal skills to give this knowledge to many different personalities and different learning styles.

Understanding that everyone learns in a different way and different pace. 

High standards and expectations of their musical journey.

Concern not only about their ability to play violin but also how they are developing as a human being.

What do I appreciate most about my students?

Parents/students that appreciate what I give them (time, information, prizes, etc.)

Parents/students that acknowledge that I am skilled and listen and follow my plan for them

Parents/students that have a great attitude to learn and try new things

Parents/students that recognize that learning violin/viola takes time and are willing to invest every day with practice and listening

Parents/students that are excited to learn!