How to Make Practice Fun

Learning to play the violin/viola is an active commitment that takes time.  You will not reach your full potential without consistent, meaningful practice.  Many of my students are so young that it is up to the parents to initiate practice and make it productive.  The easiest way to do this is to make practice fun!  During our time spent together I will give several ideas as well as props to make practice fun.  However, you know your child best and everyone has different things that excite them.  Get creative, get crazy, and come up with your own ideas to make practicing fun!

Things my studio parents have tried:
Twinkle Cards (and adding more as students progress)
Bingo Cards
Go Fish practice session

Ted-Ed How to Practice effectively for just about anything

Take action

Try thinking less about the time or number of repetitions you put into learning a tricky passage, but experiment with being more reflective with this 3-phase self-regulation model.

Before playing a passage: Plan!
What do I want it to sound like? What technical strategies will I utilize? i.e. Lift up more with left hand, release with thumb, etc.

While playing: Self-monitor!
Am I lifting up with my left hand, releasing thumb?

After playing: Reflect and strategize!
Was I successful? i.e. Was the shift in tune? If not, why not? What adjustments do I need to make technically, to get it in tune the next time?