Interested in Lessons?

Thank you so much for visiting the studio website.  I always look forward to hearing from new students.  I accept students of all ages and all levels, from beginner to Kreisler, Sibelius and Paganini.  There are a few things I ask of potential students/parents to make sure my studio is a good fit.

First, please contact me about observing a few private or group lessons.  There is no better way to see what really goes on than to be there. 

Second, at our first meeting/lesson together we will go over: studio policies, your expectations and reasons you'd like to take lessons, what I ask of my students, and general getting-to-know each other.  I ask that parents and students attend this initial meeting.  Every effort should be made by both the parent and teacher to be upfront about expectations at this time.  I want to make sure this is a good fit and I ask my students to commit to at least a year when starting lessons. During the initial meeting we will discuss what time slots are available or will be coming available soon.

The next step is to get started.  If your child is young I will ask that you gather some materials to make a "box" violin.  This allows them to learn proper form and technique without the added pressure of having a fragile instrument.  After a short time (a few weeks for some, a few months for others) we will begin introducing the bow and then violin.  What an exciting day!  Your student will be learning so many things while we explore the Twinkles that it may take some time.  Although it is sometimes hard to see the many small yet very important skills your student is learning I thank you for your patience, dedication and trust during this time period.  As long as you are having regular practice sessions and listening daily to your Suzuki CD(s) your child is definitely improving!