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Studio Policy

♫♫♫♫     Kristiana Henderson Studio Policy     ♫♫♫♫

Mission Statement
As a violin and viola teacher it is my mission to keep all students motivated and excited about taking music lessons. As such, I will do my best to encourage and challenge my students’ abilities. Playing a stringed instrument can be great fun, but also involves work. It is my goal that all students will truly enjoy playing the violin/viola and will look forward to each lesson and each new learning experience.

Basics of the Suzuki Method

Listening: listening is essential to learning. Please plan to spend at least one hour per child listening to the Suzuki CD(s) every day. Students who have a familiarity with new pieces before they begin playing them progress much faster and more easily.

Review: review is required because it is the best tool to become more proficient on the instrument. After pieces are mastered, the music making can begin. I am teaching students to become expressive musicians, not to just pass off pieces.

Group Lessons: group lessons are irreplaceable as they provide many things private lessons cannot. For starters, they allow musicians to build great friendships with other musicians. They allow us to work on group ensemble, musical games, playing expressively, ear training, techniques taught during private lessons, preparing for upcoming recitals, and learning other skills often neglected in private lessons (reading music, basic history/theory, etc). Most importantly, they are so fun they encourage students to keep practicing!


For planning purposes, the musical year will be divided into three semesters: fall, spring and summer. Each semester has a guaranteed number of private and group lessons.  Fall (September-December) has 12 guaranteed private lessons and 4 group lessons. Spring (January-May) has 15 guaranteed private lessons and 5 group lessons. Summer (June-August) I expect my students to sign up for at least 9 private lessons.This schedule will allow for easier planning, a semester at a time. No make-up lessons will be given. I will provide a schedule of my lessons and student contact information so if you know you will need a different date you may call another student to trade lesson times. As much as possible I schedule weeks off around holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, school breaks). This will create some months with more private lessons and some with fewer; however, the guaranteed number will always be reached during the semester and the monthly tuition will always be the same. Lessons are often scheduled back-to-back with other students, so prompt attendance is expected in order to receive a full lesson. If I miss a lesson due to illness or a professional commitment, I will reschedule your lesson at a mutually agreeable time or refund tuition.


Monthly tuition:

$95 - 30-minute private lessons plus group lessons

$140 - 45-minute private lessons plus group lessons

$175 - 60-minute private lessons plus group lessons

 Payments are due the FIRST lesson of the month. Please bring post-dated checks at the beginning of the semester. I will save these and deposit them every month, approximately on the 5th of the month. There is a $10 fee for late payments and a $25 fee for returned checks. I also take payment by Venmo.

Additional Opportunities

The music community in Salt Lake City is so wonderful and there are many opportunities you should be aware of. Participation is voluntary; however, I do require my students to be a member of the Suzuki Association of Utah.

Suzuki Association of Utah: this local Suzuki chapter is a great complement to lessons and has many opportunities throughout the year, including: graduation, regional concerts, annual parents’ convention, newsletters and master classes/workshops. Membership is $25 per family and is due June every year. 

Voluntary Opportunities:

Intermountain Suzuki String Institute,

Utah Federation of Music Clubs, an annual competition to play your best

Utah Symphony Youth Guild,

Utah Youth Symphony,

Young Artists Chamber Players,


There will be four recitals every year, one individual and one group performance at the end of the fall and spring semesters. As well as knowing the recital piece(s) very well, each student will be prepared emotionally and mentally for the performance experience. Students are welcome and encouraged to invite family and friends to these events. 


It is very important that a special time be set aside each day for practicing. A beginner will need to practice at least 20 minutes a day and that practice time will be increased incrementally as the student progresses. Consistent practice will create the greatest result as well as increase the enjoyment of playing. 

Termination of lessons
Please do not sign up for lessons unless you plan to commit for at least a year.

If, for some unexpected reason, you need to terminate lessons please give me as much notice as possible. If I don’t receive at least a month’s notice, the payment for that month’s lessons will be not be returned.   

Kristiana M. Henderson   ♪  Farmington, UT 84025   ♪  (801) 541-5768   

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