The transition from Pre-twinkles to Twinkles is very seamless, you may not even know it is happening. However, what a lot of parents long for is the day when students move on to Lightly Row!  Even though it may not be apparent, your students are working very hard and learning lots of things.  Please pay close attention to the minute details and, if it seems like we are reviewing which we definitely will do, feel free to look at how adorable your children are and see how quickly they grow. Once they are ready to pass of Twinkles they will have so many skills and be such great violinists!!!

Twinkle Practice Game (Card List and Instructions)

Orange Cards

Mississippi Stop Stop

Down berry up berry

Beautiful Butterfly

Watermelon watermelon


Blue Cards




E string

E string to A string

Green Cards (Bow exercises)

Up like rocket


Bunny ears

Duck yawns

Rest position to Play position

Build a Playground

A Major Scale

Yellow Cards

Chocolate cookie


Directions for Practicing:

Pick an orange rhythm card. Then pick a blue card.  Practice the rhythm with the blue card 10 times.  Then pick another blue card.  Keep practicing the rhythm until all blue cards are used.  Put the orange card in the finished pile.  Put the blue cards back into the play pile. Pick another orange card.  Then pick a blue card.  Keep practicing this rhythm with all blue cards.  Continue until all orange rhythms have been practiced with all the blue cards.  Then you are done with the blue cards.  Put all the orange cards back in the play pile. 

Pick a green card.  Practice.  Pick another green card.  Continue until you have done all the green cards. You are now done with green.

Pick an orange rhythm card.  Then pick a yellow card.  Practice this yellow section 5 good times.  Then practice the orange card with the other yellow card.  Then you are done with this orange card.  Put the two yellow cards back into play.  Pick another orange rhythm card.  Pick a yellow card.  Continue until each orange rhythm card has been practiced with both yellow cards.

Happy practicing!

What You Will Know When You're Ready to Pass Off Twinkles!!

Solid Left Hand Technique
Solid Right Hand Technique
How to Follow Directions
Child-friendly technical language (rest position, bow grip, bow, etc.)
Pitch recognition and Matching
Whole body balance
Social skills
Physical endurance
Ringing Open String Tone
How to Change the String
Solid Home Practice Routine
Physical Endurance
Muscle strength and flexibility
A great relationship with student, teacher, parent
And More!!!