What to Bring to Your First Lesson

To begin lessons you will need to bring a few things.
First, if you are just beginning you will need to purchase Suzuki Violin (or Viola) Book 1 WITH CD.
If you have been studying with a different teacher please bring all books/materials you are using/would like to use.
Please also bring...
     a 3-ring binder
    Paper and writing utensil for parents to take notes
    Anything else we mentioned during our initial meeting   
    Your Violin/Viola, Bow, Rosin, Soft Cloth to clean instrument, Pencil, Shoulder Rest   

To Make a Box Violin You'll Need...
    an old VHS box (with movie you won't need for a while, or stuffing)
    wrapping paper to cover the box (can be anything you want)
    ruler - one foot
    sponge - width of VHS box